What’s Our Clients Say

Mr. Gannon,

Thank you for your kindness & willingness to assist with our pool filter. It was in fact the lack of a seal around the top that caused the leaking. It speaks highly of you & Gannon Pool & Spa to go out of your way & call me directly as I am not a regular pool closing/opening customer of yours. (however we do buy accessories and a few pool supplies from you!) Thanks again – your kindness will not be forgotten.

-Mary Jo Maloney – (The desperate caller from up the hill!) - Rock Island, Illinois


I don’t know how to thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for us. When Gary Dohrn told me he was giving us a hot tub, I was thrilled to say the least! But then on top of that you have gone way above and beyond ANY and ALL reasonable expectations & have done so much for us. I didn’t know until I got home after working very late last night, that it was installed yesterday. It is so beautiful & we are so blessed.

Every person we know has heard the story about Gary giving us the hot tub and about everything you have done for us! Thank you Kerry for everything! The donuts this morning were for your crew and here’s a gift card to Old Towne Bakery so the next time they need a sugar boost, you can get them some goodies. The rest is for you. It’s not near enough for everything you have done, it’s just a small way of thanking you from the bottom of our hearts! I sure hope I get to meet you someday! I talk about you like ive known you forever. Thank you again.

-Sally & Mike Jackson - Rock Island, Illinois

Wonderful job done on our liner. Looks great on such an old pool! Thank you! The only thing out there besides the diving board that needs replaced is that sand filter, so put us on your list for next spring. A Hayward s-200 high rate sand filter. We’ve sure gotten the long term use out of that pool!

It was July 21 of 1981 when we signed the contract for that pool! I came across the original contract. 25 years old this year! Thanks for taking care of us – 25 years later, your work speaks for itself!

-The Carlsons - Reynolds, Illinois